12 Thing To Expect When You Have Been Cheated On

If you just found out that you were cheated on, you probably feel like your world is crashing down around you. Your reality has seriously been shaken. You're likely in both emotional and physical pain right now.

Though everyone's experience is unique, it can helpful to learn about some of the things you may experience since everything is feeling unpredictable.

Here are 12 behaviors and thoughts to expect:

  1. Demanding a reason for your partner’s unfaithfulness
  2. Flashbacks (triggers may take you back to intense emotions and remind you of how you felt when you discovered the affair, usually these are painful experiences)
  3. Wanting to ask your partner questions and learn every detail of the affair
  4. Feeling like you’re making progress or reaching acceptance, than relapsing into early-on emotions, such as denial, anger, or depression
  5. Mistrust of your partner, wanting him/her to check in constantly
  6. Obsessive thinking
  7. Checking your partner’s texts/e-mails/social media accounts
  8. Questioning your partner’s commitment to your relationship
  9. Questioning whether you will ever feel comfortable being affectionate or intimate with your partner again
  10. Being overly sexual, trying to "win" your partner back
  11. Getting into arguments with your partner that include name calling & swearing
  12. Questioning if you are to blame, was your partner dissatisfied with you?

If you're dealing with infidelity in your relationship and need some help in surviving an affair, contact Samantha for individual support