breakup coaching


  • Get out of zombie mode and off the roller coaster of breakup grief
  • Manage your unbearable obsession, rumination and depression that consumes you of thoughts of your ex
  • Learn the breakup do’s & don’ts and essential self-care survival skills to kick your heartbreak in the butt


  • Finally answer the “why” and understand the underlying reasons for your breakup, even if your ex couldn't articulate them
  • Identify underlying emotional injuries and dysfunctional internalized beliefs (ex. I'm not enough; I'm flawed; I'm unworthy; I'm unlovable) that negatively impact your thoughts and behaviors and get in the way of forming rewarding romantic relationships
  • Create mental and emotional closure that will free you from your breakup fixation


  • Learn how to practice self-love, create new purpose, rebuild your self-concept and self-worth, and set higher standards for how you want to be treated in a relationship
  • Identify your negative patterns in love, stop choosing the wrong partners who will continue to hurt you, and get crystal clear on exactly what values, traits, and qualities make an ideal match for you
  • Approach dating with confidence and vulnerability so that you can be open to receiving the love that you deeply desire and deserve, learn how to analyze your dating data, identify red flags and emotionally unavailable partners early on in a budding relationship so that you only invest in reciprocal relationships with people who fall high on your ideal match scale

A big breakup is a life-changing event that has the power to shatter your world, affirm all of your negative beliefs about yourself and love, leaving you hurt, helpless and alone...


A big breakup can be the most inspirational opportunity for growth that can catapult you forward into redefining your self-concept, increasing your worth, breaking free from negative patterns, and attracting and receiving love from a more ideal match, someone who will love you fiercely and never let you go.

Do you want to live your life feeling like your love story has ended?

Or, do you want to learn how to live life feeling, trusting, and believing you're at the beginning of the most epic love story to come?

To learn exactly what's included in the 12-week program, click the button below to download the curriculum and get a sense of the program structure. I am happy to discuss all of these details with you on a free complimentary call once you submit your application!


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