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Work with Samantha to create a love life that thrives!

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Samantha has taken her clinical background and created a hybrid coaching-counseling approach that is more directive, advice-giving, and intensive than traditional therapy for a faster paced, results driven process.

She offers coaching services for both individuals and couples in which she incorporates therapeutic techniques, psychoeducation, and advice tailored to your specific situation.

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She tackles issues such as bouncing back from a soul-crushing breakup, dating with intent to find a serious committed relationship, and increasing relationship satisfaction for couples that want more joy in their love lives.

Bottom line: you deserve to have a partner that makes you feel appreciated, attractive, validated, and understood. You deserve a safe and secure relationship in which you can trust your partner, rely on him/her, and know that your needs will be met. You deserve a relationship in which you feel like you matter, that you’re part of a team, and that you feel loved.

Your love life is complicated.

Things such as personal and family history, the messages you’ve internalize since childhood, the negative patterns that you unconsciously repeat, your vulnerabilities, fears, and “baggage” that you bring into your relationship, and the emotional rollercoaster of frustration, disenchantment and rejection that occurs in dating and breakups is a lot to handle.

Happily ever after doesn’t just happen.

It takes constant effort and often-times hard work for you to balance being teammates, roommates, and lovers. Your ability to communicate, manage conflict, and grow together is hampered when you can’t function effectively as a couple.

Good thing you don’t have to figure it all out on your own!

I'm here to give you the knowledge, skill set and best practices it takes to develop and maintain a rewarding relationship.

You can’t be an expert on everything. When you need help with your taxes, you go to an accountant, when you need help losing weight, you seek a trainer, so when you want to have the love life you’ve always desired, you come to me—a credentialed Love Expert. 

Because this will be a collaborative and interactive relationship, here’s what I’m looking for in my clients:

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  •  Individuals/couples who despite feeling lost, know they are ready to take action with guidance and instruction
  • Individuals/couples who are open to honest self-reflection, introspection and gaining insight into their past and current behaviors 
  • Individuals/couples who can take constructive feedback and are ready to ditch ineffective strategies and unhelpful routines  
  • Individuals/couples who will make our work together a priority by showing up for appointments, completing assignments and implementing new skills
  •  Individuals/couples who are motivated, dedicated and committed to making changes in their love life
  •   Individuals/couples who are ready to grow and can confidently commit to this process

My goal is to help you create a relationship full of connection, intimacy, and affection.

Whether you’re single and looking for your perfect match, or you’ve already found your special someone but could use support in maintaining a successful relationship, I’m here to help.

If you’re ready to implement the skills it takes to cook up a happy love life, click on a button below, where you'll be directed to additional information and a form to contact me directly: