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Breaking Up & Bouncing Back: Moving on to Create the Love Life You Deserve is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Indie BoundThis book is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to survive your soul-crushing split and move through the stages of breakup grief

  • You're devastated and mourning the loss of the future you planned with your ex

  • You're sick of ruminating and obsessing over the breakup and want to get out of heartbreak hell

  • Your ex couldn't articulate why they called it quits, or maybe you were ghosted and never got an explanation

  • You're searching for evidence as to what went wrong and you want a deeper understanding of why the relationship didn't work out

  • You keep picking the wrong partners, engaging in a push & pull dynamic, and repeating patterns that leave you dissatisfied or heartbroken

  • You need to refill your self-love tank, boost confidence, and learn how to embrace vulnerability and authenticity in your love life

  • You want to learn how to become a smarter, more intentional dater, create a healthier framework for love, and form a relationship that lasts

  • You want to figure out who is your ideal match and how to meet them

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