5 Ways to Marie Kondo Your Dating Life: How to tidy up your love life KonMari style

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You’ve likely heard of Marie Kond’s bestselling book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, or watched her hit show on Netflix, ‘Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” all about how to declutter your home—basically by touching all of your items to see if they spark joy, and if not, thanking them for their service and saying goodbye, then rehoming all of your remaining items in a visible, organized fashion—but you probably haven’t heard of tidying up your dating life! With the ease and addiction of online dating, and the grass is greener dating mentality nowadays, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with dating decisions. Below are 5 ways to KonMarie your dating life!

 1. Identify your core values and deal breakers before dating.

This will help you stay on track and give you a guideline for dating so that you’re not wasting your time and precious emotional energy, and cluttering up your love life with dating duds. Core values reflect what’s most important to you and influence your lifestyle and life goals, such as your political or religious beliefs, how you manage your money, whether or not you want children, your values pertaining to your physical health, causes or charities that you’re passionate about, and work-life balance.  Your deal breakers should be based on your core values, not superficial qualities such as height and hair color. When you don’t have firm deal breakers, you will likely wind up resentful in a relationship because you will compromise too much on what’s most important to you. As you become a more experienced dater and go through different life stages, you may discover that some of your core values shift, or become more or less of a priority, so dating with intent means constantly reflecting and being an expert on yourself.

2. Only include info in your profile that brings you joy. 

This is your chance to make the best first impression possible, so there’s no room for negativity when you’re creating your profile, especially since many of the apps limit you to between 150 to 500 characters. Say goodbye to self-deprecating comments or a list of picky partner requirements that make you seem high maintenance. Highlight the things you love about yourself, your passions, hobbies, accomplishments, and qualities that make you unique.  If you don’t smile when writing about it, delete it! Choose headshots and full body images that bring your personality to life, such as at a charity ball if you’re big into volunteering or sitting behind a stack of gourmet pancakes if you’re a foodie.  Pick activity photos, such as skiing or crossing the finish line of a marathon, that make it easy for someone to message you about your interests.   

3. Commit to messaging everyone that you swipe right.

Many singles swipe out of boredom or for a confidence boost, and aren’t dating with intent to get offline and meet in person. To be more mindful of your swiping choices, make a pact with yourself to message everyone with whom you match, that way you’re not inundated with a queue that will clutter up your match list. You’re forced to pay more attention to why you’re swiping right if you know you need to strike up a convo, which means this process won’t be based on “hot or not”. Un-match and delete messages from people that aren’t bringing you joy, with whom you’re not interested in moving things forward.

4. Limit your dating rotation to a max of five people at a time. 

To prevent dating overwhelm and analysis paralysis, minimize matches to only five people. This means at any point, you’re only allowed to be matched with, messaging, texting, or going on a date with up to five people at the same time, or three if five feels like too many to manage. If your convo starts to fizzle out, you’re forced to make a choice to either ask them to meet IRL, or un-match and open a slot for a new potential love interest. This helps you be more purposeful in your decisions because at the end of the day, the dating process is about ruling someone out as a partner, or going on another date with them.

5. Out with the old, in with the new. 

To create space for new love, you have to de-clutter your physical and emotional space by limiting or removing evidence of your ex from your life. Go on a social media purge by untagging photos, changing your relationship status, and blocking or unfollowing your ex. Throw out or donate items in your house, such as their old sweatshirt, furniture you purchased together, and their toothbrush that they never need back. For items that hold significant monetary value, such as jewelry, or sentimental photos(save these to a flash drive before deleting from social media), create a small breakup box that you store out of sight, out of mind, then revisit them down the road when it’s less painful. You may be surprised by what you feel comfortable throwing away, or using again, once you’ve gotten over your ex and are falling in love with someone new!

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