6 Things to Expect In Couples Counseling in Boston

The cheating is out in the open! Maybe you found him sexting with an old girlfriend or maybe you found her sleeping with her boss.  If you had suspicions, your gut was probably right. Deep down you likely noticed a disconnect or something felt broken.

Samantha Burns is Boston's top relationship expert. Below she explains in detail about what you can expect in couples counseling.

If you and your partner are seeking couples counseling in Boston, you can contact Samantha today for help! If you're not in the Boston area, Samantha is also available for Skype and phone sessions

Though there's no excuse for going outside of the boundaries of your relationship, on some level you will need to take responsibility. You'll learn more about this is couples therapy!

What are your next steps in this chaotic time? I always advise people to commit to couples counseling so that whether you choose to stay together or break-up, you will gain a better understanding of the infidelity, and ultimately gain a greater peace of mind. It's time to take action!

What to expect in couples therapy:

1) Each partner should feel heard & understood, not blamed & judged

2) Identify ways to cope with the painful and negative feelings, such as individual counseling and exercise

3) Explore factors that led to the affair and when you started to feel disconnected

4) Explore individual issues and conflicts that affect your relationship

5) Decide whether you want to move forward in the relationship

6) If you stay together, learn to rebuild trust, love, support, intimacy and communication. Discuss acceptance & forgiveness