How Your Online Dating Profile Is Being Judged

Modern day online dating has led to some pretty superficial judgment. Case in point: swiping apps focused on a ‘hot or not’ approach.

Ideally people would fall in love based on what's on the inside, and what's on the outside would be a bonus. But, the reality is that physical attraction and sexual chemistry is essential in forming a romantic relationship.

Naturally, most people won’t take the time to read your dating profile unless they are attracted to you. And frustratingly, many of the swiping apps have very limited space for a personal description, which suggests looks are the only thing that matter.

For instance, Bumble only allows 300 characters, which means you’re judging someone based on very limited information, or a profile entirely composed of emojis!

There's been a shift in online dating culture from quality to quantity, and it's making it more challenging to find people looking for serious, committed relationships.

New data from’s 2017 Singles In America survey found that 42 percent of singles judge a potential date by their photos.

The unfortunate truth is that you're only as attractive as your worst photo. You know, the one where you can spot a bald head under his baseball cap, or her nose appears bigger when she changes the angle of the selfie.

You’ve likely been guilty of scrolling through someone’s photos hunting for what they ‘really’ look like, then once you’ve found evidence that he or she does not look exactly the same in all five photos, you swipe left and move onto the next.

Are we really that superficial? Some singles today seem to treat dating apps as a game or an ego boost.

Everyone says they want someone who is kind, funny, and has strong family values, but if you’ve instantly swiped left on a profile, you could be passing up on a great match or a potential soul mate.

Realistically you can’t force yourself to be physically attracted to someone. But if you’re on the fence, devote some extra time to actually read his or her profile or start a conversation.

It pains me that I have to say that, but your fingers may be swiping so fast that you are missing out on the point of online dating: to get offline, meet in person, and hopefully form a relationship.

The Singles In America survey revealed that 42 percent of singles also judge a date first by their social media posts.

Many dating apps allow you to link your Instagram and Facebook accounts, which provide a plethora of info about you in comparison to your 500-character profile on Tinder.

Social media accounts open the window into your real life.

You see, people tend to choose only the most flattering photos to feature in their dating profiles, and in their short description they make themselves sounds cooler than the guy from the Dos Equis commercials. But with access to Instagram or Facebook, you can learn about someone's interest’s hobbies, education, friends and family.  

Many daters do a deep dive, ‘stalking’ your social media accounts. Even if you don't link your profile to other accounts, with a little Google savvy they can find you and learn much more than you provided on the dating app.

To some this may feel like an invasion of privacy, to others it is a welcomed glimpse into a more realistic, comprehensive look of who you are. Consider this when setting your accounts to either public or private.

This is an opportunity for someone to make a more informed decision about whether he or she deems you worthy of a right swipe, a message, or even a date. 

To succeed in today's dating market, you need to be aware of how your dating profile photos and access to your social media accounts might impact your love life. Be mindful about what messages you're sending with your profile pictures and post choices. 

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