3 Dating and Hookup Mistakes to Avoid at Your Office Holiday Party!

Let’s not have “Blame it on the eggnog” be your motto for the New Year!

The company holiday party is always slightly awkward since you're bringing your love life into your work life. Plus, boozin' with your boss may spell disaster! If you make any of these three dating or hookup holiday party faux pas at your company event, you may not live them down until next year. Is that really how you want to start the New Year?

You have to face these people every single day until you quit, retire, or get fired (hopefully not for your inappropriate party behavior), so let's make sure you handle yourself in regards to dating appropriately.

Is it ever ok to hookup with a coworker at the holiday party?

Have you heard the saying, “Don’t dip your pen in the company ink?”

Promiscuous flirting, a dance floor make-out, or leaving early together in front of everyone may not be the best idea.

Unless you think you could seriously date, or even marry, your coworker, I say skip the casual hookup because you’re asking for some serious office gossip and awkward future interactions at the coffee machine!

Some companies are really big, so you almost never see someone in another department unless it’s at this annual holiday party. If that’s the case, I leave that up to you to decide if it’s worth the risk.

You just have to be ok with coworkers getting involved in your personal business, since you’re the one being extra personal at work!

The office is a place where you want to be respected, bottom line.

Are work holiday parties appropriate places to bring new dates? 

“Oh hi, boss, this is my, ummm…friend with benefits!” #awkward.

I think you should only bring someone to a work party if you have an established and exclusive relationship.

If you’re considering bringing a date, make sure you feel comfortable using the terms “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” when you introduce him or her to your coworkers.

You want to be taken seriously at work, so appearing mature and committed is better than casual and flaky.

Can I leave my new bae unattended at the party? 

Is your boyfriend comfortable mingling with strangers? Some people need to be “baby sat,” while others are gregarious, working the room on their own.

If you’re a new couple, this might be your first big social situation together.  Fingers cross he doesn’t do something to embarrass you!

Talk about your goals for the night in advance.  Are you hoping to strategically network, or are you letting loose to partaaay?

Prep your partner about who he will meet, and whether there is anyone in particular that you want him to get to know more intimately—maybe it’s your work BFF, or you’re hoping to soften up your boss with some good socializing.

Also, don’t ditch him for the bar the second you arrive. Be attentive, and notice how he warms up to the event. Circle the room together and see how he handles introductions and small talk.  If he can banter like a champ, then it's probably OK to go have your own side conversations.

If he’s bustin’ a move on the dance floor and having a blast, then he may just be a keeper!

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