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A big breakup is a life changing event that has the power to shatter your world, affirm all of your negative beliefs about yourself and love, and leave you hurt, helpless and alone. 


It can be the most inspirational opportunity for transformational growth.

***Can you afford to spend another day in pain? 
***Can you afford to yearn for and suffer over someone who doesn't realize and value your worth?
***Can you afford to repeat the same patterns that will only result in future heartbreak?
***Can you afford to waste your time with dating duds and in unsatisfying relationships?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then YOU don't value your own worth.

If you answered no to those questions, then it sounds like you are ready to start creating your own love story!

You've wasted enough time obsessing over your breakup, comparing the new people you meet to your ex, and questioning if you're unworthy of love.

Let's kick your breakup in the butt once and for all so that you can freely move on to attracting and meeting your ideal match and creating the love life you deserve!

It's time to heal your heart, unpack your breakup baggage so that you can gain insight and awareness into your dating decisions, reclaim your identity and confidence, and learn how to date with intent so that you can love with a whole heart and be loved fiercely!

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